Mars Civilian Rover ZS25
With this piece I decided to go for a vehicle in a diorama to display different skills such as vehicle concepting and realization. This project took me around 170 hours to make spread across a couple of months, it is the first project I have created with the use of Substance Designer and the Unreal Engine 4.

The vehicle stands at approximately 65.000 triangles and was made for cinematic-like visual fidelity. In a production environment it would come with several lods. The texture maps used are standard with the usual diffuse, normal, roughness, metalness and occlusion map. It was textured in two passes, one in Substance Designer followed by a polish pass in Photoshop.


The vehicle is fairly simple, it's a civilian class rover for light planetary exploration. In a future where distant planets have been colonized and basic roads laid out, such vehicles become the norm to everyone. The rover does not run on fossil fuels. Everything you see from the outside is displayed on a 180 degree display in the cockpit thanks to a set of panoramic cameras at the front of the vehicle. You enter the vehicle from the back hatch, since in some cases you will need to change for lesser athmospheres. 

Dimensions are roughly 9.5m long by 5m wide, 4m high. 

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